RIP, Andy Goessling

We are absolutely gutted today at the loss of our brother in music, Andy Goessling.

Anyone fortunate enough to spend time with Andy couldn't help but immediately admire his creativity, intelligence, and wit, and if those personal qualities weren't enough, when paired with his truly formidable chops on any number of instruments, the resulting musical conversations were nothing short of jaw dropping, as any of us lucky enough to play with him can attest. And there were many of us he was happy to share his talents with.

His love of music made him an incredibly generous collaborator and bandmate, and Daisycutter was among the many bands he gifted with his time and talent, thrilled whenever we could get a piece of him.

It's almost unfair how talented he was. He played dozens of instruments with a creativity and skill that was the envy of most players who spent their lives playing only one or two instruments. Guitar, mandolin, banjo, dobro, lap steel, saxophones, zither (!), fiddle, and probably a score or two more that just somehow got overlooked. He was at home on literally any stage- from the ampitheater at Red Rocks with Railroad Earth to the tiniest little pub in an upstate NY backwater to a muddy festival field (attired in Bean Boots and the most colorful, fluffy sweater I've ever seen donned by man.)

There was always something to learn, onstage and off. The genuinely inventive ideas, brilliant execution, and wry humor he put into whatever he played resulted in some of the most exciting, inspiring, and memorable musical conversations I've ever had. I will miss those so incredibly much. I'll miss hanging in general with such a smart, kind human too.

Drinking absinthe in the Hudson Valley ("the banjo player drank all my absinthe!")...

Comparing the relative merits of antique egg beaters, potato mashers, and pastry blenders in a junk shop in Roswell, NM...

Realizing that old Volvo wagons actually CAN break the sound barrier...

Andy leaves behind a musical legacy of titanic proportion. The world is a poorer place today. Sadness beyond words.